Backpack shakedown.

It’s fire season, so we are avoiding back-country camping for a few months. That said, we have Scouts and Scouters who need to break in backpack gear and get used to our packs.

So we took some of our Scouts out on a shakedown hike to Sycamore Falls in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. It was warm, a couple of our number did not bring enough water, and it was more strenuous wearing masks, but it was a lot of fun and a real confidence-builder for a Troop that has made car camping a habit over the last few years. I am going to suggest to the PLC that we make this an annual activity.

I can’t wait to head into the back country in a few months. Meantime, we have some great front country trips planned.

Socially-distanced, of course.